• Imagine you could wake up rested for the next day.

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MySnuggly Newborn Bassinet Inserts


Carefully Designed With Unique Features

BabyMazing Solutions LLC is not affiliated or associated with Thorley Industries, LLC. MySnuggly is a bassinet insert, carefully designed with features to help babies, and parents, get a little more rest. It is safe, tested, and approved in all CPSC Children Safety Guidelines. The surrounding 3D air mesh allows air to flow freely. MySnuggly is installed on top of the bassinet mattress, providing a cozy, but still flat environment for the baby to sleep on his back, as advised by most safety standards.

Unique Features

It Is Time To Rest

A life saver!

This saved our sanity. We used it last night and our baby (now just 5 days old) slept soundly between all of his feedings. I actually woke up today feeling somewhat rested! 

Sara E. Miller

Peace of Mind

This item was a Godsend for me as a new parent. My baby was rolling on her side at a day old and the open bassinet was too much space for her. This insert gave us peace of mind and made her more comfortable sleeping in a new place. She was also less able to roll.

Jordan Lee Hall

Extremely comfy!

This product is a no brainer. It helped us immensely because not only it did provide that narrower and comfy environment for our baby, but it also came with some very cool tips that confirmed the sleep routine we were going for. I totally recommend it. 

Ciro Albuquerque

Great for newborn comfort

This has been a game changer for my newborn. She didn’t sleep well in the halo as a new newborn because it was so spacious and not comforting to her. This insert took some time to getting used to but it holds her more snug and prevents rolling when she is swaddled. It does not ‘hang’ like the picture makes it look. It lays felt on the mattress and is super easy to install and clean.

Tara Jenkins
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Proven by Thousands of Parents

Happy moms and dads say they won’t put their baby to bed without this insert. Check our reviews!